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Holotropic Breathwork™  A day of self-discovery

Mar 23, 2019

Past event

We invite you to attend this Holotropic Breathwork retreat / intensive to explore the key elements of Holotropic Breathwork in a 6 day intensive in the heart of Tasmania, Australia. This module offers an immersive exploration of the philosophy, principles, and strategies underlying the experience and practice of Holotropic Breathwork. It is a live in intensive that gives you the perfect opportunity to explore Holotropic Breathwork in a retreat style setting.


Sacred Geometry, Mandala and Consciousness

Mar 16, 2019

Past event

Sacred Geometry is not only a valuable tool for activating deep inner experience, it is a language expressing the interconnectedness of reality. The same patterns of order continually occur at various levels of existence. For example, a simple everyday daisy displays beautiful five-fold geometry. Similarly, this very same pattern forms human DNA and even maps the orbit of Venus around our Earth.


Vicky Nicholson