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2023 Australian Holotropic Breathwork Certification

The inaugural certification for Holotropic Breathwork students in Australia in October 2023. 

Oct 16, 2023 to Oct 29, 2023  

Event Details

  • Date: Oct 16, 2023
  • Location: 65 Gordon St, Poatina Australia,

To attend certification, you also must:

  • 1) have applied and been accepted to GTT
  • 2) have applied and been accepted to attend the Certification Intensive
  • 3) register for the Certification Intensive with GTT

GTT Staff

Vicky Nicholson


I support GTT in their training program in Australia and the US, as well as conducting regular five-day and weekend retreats in Tasmania. I am passionate about Holotropic Breathwork and continue to re...

Anthony Olsen


Anthony Olsen is a Melbourne based Acupuncturist and Holotropic Breathwork practitioner. He incorporates transpersonal perspectives within the Traditional Chinese Medical model, offering both Holotrop...

Ruth Langford


With a diverse background in culture/arts/environmental/ social justice/ youth work and Indigenous Medicines Therapy, Ruth Langford divides her time into endeavors that reflect her passion for uniting...


Poatina Chalet

65 Gordon St, Poatina Australia,

65 Gordon St, Poatina Australia,