Vicky Nicholson

I support GTT in their training program in Australia and the US, as well as conducting regular five-day and weekend retreats in Tasmania. I am passionate about Holotropic Breathwork and continue to revel in being part of a global community of people who engage in a profound inner healing process.

Vicky Nicholson

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Jung Alchemy and the transformation of consciousness

Apr 14, 2020

We invite you to attend this Holotropic Breathwork retreat / intensive to explore the Jungian psychology, archetypes, alchemy and the transformation of consciousness. In this retreat, we will explore the world of archetypes, dreams, myths, shadow, symbols, alchemy, individuation, and astrology. It will be a rich, creative journey into the depths of the psyche and the reality of the psychoid, through the work of Carl Jung and alchemy. The retreat will be highly experientially, to intricately support and illuminate our own transformational processes.