Lotte Schultz

Lotte Schultz is based on the Central Coast of Australia between Sydney & Newcastle where her private practice is located and her retreats and seminars are held here, as well as in Sydney and Newcastle. 

Lotte is a certified Holotropic Breathwork® facilitator with Grof Transpersonal Training (US) and an experienced holistic practitioner, facilitator and trainer. Lotte has an integrative approach, coaching different spiritual paths & practices and the Holotropic perspective, toward healing and health. Holotropic Breathwork™ plays a privotal role in her life and private practice.

Lotte facilitates regular Holotropic Breathwork® workshops as well as individual sessions.

"From my own personal experiences and from having had the honour and privilege of holding space for many individuals and groups, I have learned to honour the wisdom of each person’s inner journey toward wholeness and healing.” – Lotte Schultz


    •  In training with Grof Transpersonal Training (US): 2012-2017
    • 2017• Certified practitioner in Taos USA Holotropic Breathwork™ and transpersonal psychology  
    • 2017 Bessel Van Der Kold, M.D  (USA) Workshop:  The body keeps the score
    • 2017 Dan Brown (USA) Workshop: Atrachment Disturbance in Adults
    • 2015 Grof Transpersonal Training,  Chile
  •       Transpersonal psychology and Holotropic Breathwork™ with Stanislav Grof   
  •       2013 Grof Transpersonal Training, USA
    -    Transpersonal psychology and Holotropic Breathwork™ with Stanislav Grof

  •       2013 International Breathwork Conference India
          2011 International Breathwork Conference Ecuador South America
          2009 International Breathwork Conference Mexico 
  •       2012 Integrative Breathwork Training with Lloyd Lalande (NSW)

  •       2011 Family Constellations  Tango & Relationships with Tanys & Michael Knorr  (Germany)

         2009 Family Constellation  (Interrupted Reaching Out Movement) With Ursula Franke (Germany)

  •      2009 Breathwork Training Sondra Ray (USA)

  •      2007-2010 Core Connections, Sydney - Breathwork: Professional Practitioner  Diploma and Group Facilitator training  
  •     2008- 2010 Inner Child: Facilitator training

  •    2007 Chiara College of Metaphysics, Sydney
    - Metaphysics & Spiritual Healing,

  •   2005 Trisha Ellis Reiki Master/Teacher, Thailand
    - Reiki Usui System Of Natural Healing

  •   2004 Maharishi Mahesh Yoga Studio, Thailand
    - Transcendental Meditation

  •   1997 Queensland Institute of Natural Science, Queensland
    - Advance Diploma of Applied Science (Naturopathy)

  •  1995 Queensland Institute of Natural Science, Queensland
    - Nutrition

  • 1995 Australian Catholic University, Sydney
    - Associate Diploma in Education
Lotte Schultz

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