Nov 23, 2019


Holotropic Breathwork™ Workshop A day of self-discovery

“Seekers consistently relate that every aspect of healing they have encountered in their holotropic journey has been generated, not by the fiat of some external individual, group, or technique, but from a mystery at the core of their deepest selves." Tav Sparks

The theoretical framework integrates insights from modern consciousness research, anthropology, various depth psychologies, transpersonal psychology, Eastern spiritual practices, and mystical traditions of the world.

* Please note *No prior Holotropic Breathwork™ or other type of Breathwork experience is necessary to participate.

We will start at 8.30am with an introduction talk on Holotropic Breathwork™ 'the set & setting' including helpful information to support your journey on the; transpersonal, basic perinatal and biographical experiences.

This is compulsory for anyone new to Holotropic Breathwork. If you have experienced HB before you are welcome to join us at 9.30am for the opening circle, or join us at 8.30am to settle in and gift yourself plenty of time for this special day.

We aim to finish around 7.30-8.00pm

The day will include two sessions, one as a breather & one as a sitter, the integration phase, morning/afternoon tea & supper, BYO lunch, included is a phone consult after the workshop if needed.

There are three steps to registering for Lottelife Holotropic Breathwork workshops. Please go to Lottelife and the Power of Breath

I am delighted to be facilitating with Elaine Oberg and Michelle Maynard, both apprenticing and very committed to this work and currently in the HB facilitator training programme with 'Grof Transpersonal Training.'

* GTT is the only program in the world that certifies practitioners in Holotropic Breathwork™.

Elaine has a wealth of experience in 'holding space' including 32 years as a midwife and from her own journey of self-exploration & healing that started in 1985.

Michelle an Indigenous woman will be joining us from Tasmania; she is a cultural practitioner, designer and facilitator of community connective and ceremonial based experiences.

We look forward to this special day,

With love, life and Breath, Lotte 



Kincumber & District Neighbourhood centre, 20-22 Kincumber St, Kincumber NSW 2251

Central coast, Kincumber the venue is about 15 min drive from Gosford Train Station via Uber or Taxi (1.15 hrs. (depending on your location) from Sydney & Newcastle) There are also buses available from Gosford Station to Kincumber, where you can walk to the venue from bus stop.

Easy access from the airport to Sydney Central train station and from here catch the train to Gosford station. Call Transport NSW Trainlink on 132232 or Switchboard 1300038500

1/20 Kincumber st, Kincumber Australia, 2251



Payment Details and Cancellation Policy

Investment: $250

The day will include: two sessions, one as a breather & one as a sitter, integration phase (art material supplied), morning/afternoon tea & supper, BYO lunch, includes is a phone consult after the workshop if needed.

There are three steps to registering for Lottelife Holotropic Breathwork workshops. Please visit website

Please pay $100 deposit with your registration to secure your place. The workshops fill fast and as we have an amount of breathers per facilitator we cannot extend the size of the group.

$100 is a non-refundable deposit of your fee with less than two weeks notice, this can be transferred to another workshop if enough notice is given.

Less then 48 hours the full amount is non-refundable as it is then too late to fill the place, even with a waiting list and I need to cover my costs. Thank you for understanding.

Please pay the remaining on the day in cash or have all payments done before July 13th, you can transfer payment into account (Please note we can only take cash payments on the HB day)

Lotte Schultz BSB: 062668 Account: 10183062 (also on website) No surge charge

For payment with PayPal & credit cards please go to website surge charge apply