September 30th North Coast NSW Holotropic Breathwork Day

The workshops are open to anyone interested in doing deep personal work, and no prior experience is necessary. They offer participants the opportunity to experience Holotropic Breathwork as a single event, or deepen their Breathwork journey on a regular, ongoing basis.

Breathwork can play an important role in personal and collective transformation. This method is a powerful approach to self- exploration, transformation and healing that combines breathing, evocative music, and release work to explore the deeper dimensions of the psyche. Participants will have opportunities, and time for deeper exploration and integration through artwork and sharing.

The day will include two breathing sessions where participants will partner with each other and swap and support in the roles of “breather” and “sitter”.

The workshop is open to anyone interested in this practice to do his or her own deep inner work Those new to breathwork will be required to attend a free introductory evening on Friday 29th the evening before for about 1.5 hrs. This is available on line via Skype.


The day will commence at 8.00am with a brief check in, moving promptly into breathwork at 8.15 and conclude about 7.00 pm.


Cost: $140. Teas, coffee, snacks, fruit and light lunch will be provided. Please bring any special dietary requirements and extra food if needed. Please bring: single sheets and towel for breathwork, journal and pen, drawing book and pastels. Please wear loose comfortable clothing.


For more information please contact:

  • Janine on 0431898292 Email:
  • Wendy on 0417232086 Email: