The spiritual quest, attachment and addiction - June 10th to 15th 2018

New ways to look at psychology and spirituality are offering exciting possibilities in the recovery movement, both for individual seekers and for those who work in the treatment field.

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About the Workshop

This module explores a whole continuum, from the idea of addiction as an extreme form of attachment, which affects everyone and which is crucial to spiritual seekers of all practices, to the more articulate forms of addiction: substance, process, relationship, and more. Through theory, discussion and experiential exercises, we’ll look at:

Topics include:

  • The disease paradigm of recovery;
  • The wellness paradigm and the transpersonal recovery centre;
  • Implications of perinatal and transpersonal dimensions for recovery;
  • The 12 steps as a world yoga;
  • Addiction as spiritual emergency;
  • Addiction as shamanic crisis;
  • Recovery as a mystery school;
  • Psychedelics and recovery;
  • Recovery and the feminine;
  • Addiction from the homeopathic perspective;
  • Recovery as death/rebirth;
  • Addiction and the global crisis, and more.

Participants will have the opportunity to experience Holotropic Breathwork, a powerful approach to self-exploration, transformation, and healing that combines breathing, evocative music, and release work to explore the deeper dimensions of the psyche. This workshop will be useful to both laypersons and professionals seeking a more authentic and fulfilling lifestyle.

This will be a very experiential workshop. Besides the breathwork itself, all of the teaching is geared to participants having a direct experience of their own journey. We will work with dance, artwork, film, and other integration practices to engage the holotropic principles in a very personal, embodied way.

The Workshop

The workshop is a full time, live-in intensive, designed for anyone with a deep interest in Holotropic BreathworkTM and Transpersonal Psychology. It may be credited towards the seven modules in the Grof Transpersonal Training Training program for certification as a Holotropic Breathwork Practitioner. This is also a valuable experience for those people who do not wish to become a practitioner. Included in the module will be a combination of personal experience with Holotropic Breathwork, facilitation of others on a one to one basis, group sharing and other experiential practices.

No prior experience required

No prior Holotropic Breathwork experience is needed to attend this event. It is not necessary to be in the training program to attend and those new to Holotropic Breathwork are welcome; the workshop is open to anyone interested in the topic and in doing their own deep inner work. For those in, or interested in, the practitioner training, this workshop counts as a mandatory module toward certification and may be applied retroactively for those who do decide to enter the training program for certification in Holotropic Breathwork.


Please Note: Contraindications for Holotropic Breathwork are pregnancy, heart disease and other cardiovascular problems, epilepsy, glaucoma, or a history of severe emotional disorder or hospitalisation.


The village is about a forty-minute drive from Launceston Airport and a two-hour drive from Hobart city. Poatina Village is an historic ‘Hydro’ village at the foot of the Great Western Tiers of Northern Tasmania. It is operated by the resident community and has a range of shops, cafes and a tiny petrol station that is run by one of the volunteers. We will be using the large hall for breathwork and will be staying in the Chalet Motel, adjoining Backpackers or one of the nearby Mountain Cottages. All meals will be served in the spectacular View Restaurant/Cafe overlooking the mountains.

Cost (Australian dollars)

  • $1850 single room
  • $1675 twin/double room
  • $1550 single backpacker room with shared bathroom
  • $1400 shared backpacker room with shared bathroom

Mountain cottages for 2 to 4 people in pre-arranged groups: POA Prices include tuition and full meals and accommodation for the duration of the module. All rooms and cottages are well appointed and comfortable. Please ask about payment plans.

What to bring

For Breathwork sessions: A blanket, two single sheets (1 fitted), large cushions and pillows for ‘sitting’, a towel and loose comfortable clothing for wearing during sessions.

For other times:

Comfortable indoor and outdoor clothes, a notebook and pen.

More information

Call for more information. (+61) 0362664580: Mob: (+61) 0400848970

  • Vicky Nicholson, Grof Transpersonal Training.
  • 4/30 Caladium Place, Blackmans Bay, 7052, Tasmania, Australia.
  • Mobile: 040084897